Vestmanna Seacliffs
Sightseeing in the Faroes

The Greatest Nature Experience
See the Faroes from their most dramatic side

What you can expect to experience:

Spectacular Coastline

On this approxemately 90 minutes boat tour we take you through narrow sounds and weather permitting also into deep grottoes, carved by the surf through ages

Many Seabirds

The cliffs shoot over 600 metres straight up in the air. Thousands of seabirds have their home here in the summer

Rich History

You will hear about how the Faroese through generations have cought birds and herded sheep on the steep mountain sides - only to get food on the table

Fabulous Nature

In the midst of this magnificent North Atlantic nature, man feels indeed very inferior, and you will understand, why Faroese culture is so deeply rooted in respect for the forces of nature

Your comfort and safety is important to us. Sometimes the sea conditions can limit us entering caves and getting close to the shore. An alternative tour may be going to the south side of Vágoy where you see the 313 meters high sea stack Trøllkonufingur. We recommend warm clothes and that you book in advance. Use the booking calendar below.