The westernmost of the Faroe Islands, Mykines, is often said to be the pearl of the Faroes. 

The birdlife here is something, you will not see many other places. Thousands of puffins nest on the island during the summer, and Mykines is also home to the only colony of gannets in the Faroes. The little hamlet with its narrow paths, the charming little houses and the friendly people is well worth a visit.

During the high season we make daytours to Mykines from Vestmanna.

The tour also takes in the Vestmanna Seacliffs (or Trøllkonufingur) on-route to Mykines.

The Mykines daytours are planned to be on Tuesdays and Saturdays, starting medio June ending in late July.

Please go to these days in the booking calendar, if you want to book the tour.

The duration of the tour is about 5 hours, with about an hour and half to two hours spent on the island of Mykines.

Please note that the tour may be cancelled due to bad weather or too few bookings. If your tour is cancelled, we will notify you via the e-mail provided in your booking plus on this homepage.

Also we wish to inform you, that the access to the westernmost point of the island, where the lighthouse is, may be restricted, and there may be extra fees charged by the land owners if you want to hike on the island.